Jul 18, 2018  
Continuing Education - Course Finder 2017/2018 
Continuing Education - Course Finder 2017/2018

Continuing Education - Course Finder 2017/2018

Welcome to SAIT’s Continuing Education Course Finder. This tool allows you to search a catalogue of programs and courses currently being offered at SAIT. Here are some of the useful features you can use to enhance your search experience:

NOTE:  This catalog does not contain information relating to Campus Recreation courses or SAIT Summer Camps, instead please visit our online shopping cart.


Catalog search - You can use the keyword search at the top left of the page to find specific items. The Advanced Search feature allows you to narrow your search to courses or programs and to search by course code/prefix.

              Print - The printer icon creates a printer-friendly version of the page you’re currently exploring.
    Help - This icon will open the help menu for those seeking further assistance.
    Degree Planner - This icon is found on pages for specific programs and allows users to print view and/or print a degree evaluation showing program requirements.