Nov 13, 2019  
PUBLISHED 2018-2019 Credit Catalog 
PUBLISHED 2018-2019 Credit Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ENVS 301 - Water Treatment

Course Description
An introduction to water treatment that includes water quality considerations, chemical and physical parameters, natural sources, oil patch, petrochemical, municipal, domestic uses and swimming pools. Scale deposition is mathematically predicted and cost effective control measures are considered. Water treatment processes of subsidence, coagulation, filtration, aeration, dearation, chlorination, water softening, reverse osmosis, boiler scale control and cooling water treatment are studied. Results are calculated, reports issued and recommendations are given by students. Bench scale jar testing, Imhoff cone testing, chlorine demand studies. OLI Software for the computer modelling of water chemistry will be introduced. Results are calculated, reports issued and scale up recommendations are made.

1.5 credits

  • CHEM 240
  • CHEM 270

Equivalent Course(s):
  • ENVS 348

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