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PUBLISHED 2018-2019 Credit Catalog 
PUBLISHED 2018-2019 Credit Catalog

PHYS 181 - Physics I

Course Description
This course is an introduction of the fundamentals and theory of physics as it relates to technology. Problem solving is emphasized. Four units of study are covered: kinematics; dynamics; circular motion; work and energy; and oscillatory motion and mechanical waves. These units prepare students for further studies in physics. This course is considered equivalent to Alberta Education’s Physics 20.

3 credits

  • Placement Test (SPCH) (Achieving benchmark in grade 10 physics placement test)


  • One of:
  • APSC 180
  • Transcript Evaluation (TSC1)
    (Science 10 or equivalent)
  • One of:
  • MATH 180
  • Transcript Evaluation (TMA1)
    (Math 10C or equivalent)

Additional Requisite Information:
Continuing Education students are advised to contact upgrading@sait.ca or call (403) 210-5756 for more information on pre-requisites.

Funding - Students registering into this courses may qualify for grant funding under the Alberta Skills Investment Bursary. Please visit www.sait.ca/sip for more information.

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