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PUBLISHED 2021-2022 Credit Catalog 
PUBLISHED 2021-2022 Credit Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

BFIN 386 - Integrated Finance

Course Description:
This course will integrate a broad range of elements from financial planning and taxation. Students will apply these elements in realistic scenarios to develop financial decision making skills relevant to the current marketplace. Critical thinking skills are utilized as students collect, assess, and synthesize information to determine realistic financial opportunities and formulate strategies that can be included in a complete financial plan.

3 Credits

  • One of:
    • ACCT 375
    • ACCT 370
  • One of:
    • BFIN 341
    • BFIN 342

BFIN 2386

Technical Requirements

  • Required Materials: A textbook is required for this course. Please refer to current booklist on the SAIT Bookstore website (http://bookstore.sait.ca).
  • Distance Education Students:
    • Software Requirements:
      • Microsoft Office 2007 or higher, and
      • One of:
        • Microsoft Edge,
        • Mozilla Firefox, or
        • Google Chrome.
    • Important Notes:
      • You begin on the listed start date. Your end date is based on the length of the course. You are required to meet any assessment deadlines set by the instructor.
      • Extensions are not available for this course.
      • For more information about online learning, contact distance.education@sait.ca.

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