Jul 18, 2024  
PUBLISHED 2023-2024 Credit Catalog 
PUBLISHED 2023-2024 Credit Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ARCH 1020 - Construction Presentation Graphics

Course Description:
Construction Presentation Graphics studies the fundamentals of graphic language used by construction professionals, helping you develop the skill to express concepts in visual form and read architectural and engineering construction drawings. You will examine structural systems, line convention, geometric constructions, orthographic projection, isometric metric pictorials, sectional drawings, imperial units and metric SI units of measurement. You will use hand-drawing and drafting software to design with emphasis on standards and techniques used in preparation of working drawings. You will employ architectural design and drafting techniques, and apply construction practices and current building codes.

3 Credits


  • One of:
    • CIVL 1010
    • CPMT 1010