Apr 21, 2024  
PUBLISHED 2023-2024 Credit Catalog 
PUBLISHED 2023-2024 Credit Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

HCAR 402 - Healthcare Leadership Capstone

Course Description:
This course integrates and further develops the learning outcomes of the Healthcare Leadership program. Students will work individually and collaboratively on a series of activities and simulations, which draw from the multiple disciplines within the program to research, analyze, evaluate, and recommend solutions to healthcare management problems. Learners will be expected to apply a wide variety of concepts presented in other courses, including the impact of the problem on organizational culture and performance, leadership, finances, policy and strategic operational goals, and patient safety.  

6 Credits

  • HCAR 401
  • HCAR 403
  • LDSH 405
  • MNGT 408

Concurrent Prerequisites:

  • HCAR 400
  • HCAR 404
  • LDSH 401