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PUBLISHED 2022-2023 Credit Catalog 
PUBLISHED 2022-2023 Credit Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

BFIN 360 - Relationship Selling

Course Description:
This course focuses on the use and demonstration of a Needs Satisfaction Selling model. Through financial product-based role plays, learners will employ all elements of the model with the ultimate objective to utilize these skills in a real world setting. Ethical practices in the financial services industry will be examined with an emphasis on the Canadian Financial Planners code of ethics.

3 Credits

  • One of:
    • BFIN 230
    • BFIN 255

BFIN 2360

Technical Requirements

  • Required MaterialsAn eBook is available for this course at reduced cost; further instructions for accessing the eBook or upgrading to printed options will be provided by your instructor.
  • Distance Education Students
    • Software Requirements:
      • One of:
        • Internet Explorer,
        • Mozilla Firefox, or
        • Google Chrome.
      • Microsoft Office 2007 or higher, and
  • Important Notes:
    • You begin on the listed start date. Your end date is based on the length of the course. You are required to meet any assessment deadlines set by the instructor.
    • Due to the interactive nature of this course; extensions are not available.
    • For more information about online learning, contact distance.education@sait.ca.

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