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PUBLISHED 2020-2021 Credit Catalog 
PUBLISHED 2020-2021 Credit Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Machinist Technician

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Program Description

This full-time program is a great way to start your career as a Machinist - a rewarding and challenging trade with precision and craftsmanship as core attributes. As a Machinist Technician, you’ll set up and operate precision equipment for the production of a variety of components and assemblies. Machinists make or modify primarily metal components to very fine tolerances. At 30 weeks in length (900 hours), this program contains content nearly double that afforded by the Machinist apprenticeship stream for equivalent periods. You will learn skills including, but not limited to: machining, machine set-up, blueprint reading, process planning, design validation, precision measurement, and heat treatment.

Metal cutting and shaping operations use a variety of machine tools, including conventional mills, drills, lathes, and grinders. As modern machine tools are often computer-driven, a Machinist Technician may be responsible for programming and operating high-tech Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) equipment such as CNC mills, lathes, Electrical Discharge Machines (EDM), and Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM).

Upon successful completion of your first 15 weeks, you will be eligible to write the first period Machinist apprenticeship exam. At the end of 30 weeks, you will be eligible to write the second period Machinist apprenticeship exam. Upon successful completion of the entire program, you will receive a SAIT Polytechnic Machinist Technician Certificate.

Program Overview

Fast Facts

Your Career

Modern machine shops are clean and safe work environments. Machinist Technicians may find employment in a variety of industries including but not limited to transportation, oil and gas manufacturing, medical technology, wherever equipment is being manufactured or repaired.

Graduates of the Machinist Technician program benefit from a high level of industry demand, having achieved recognized training equivalent to the first two periods of the Machinist apprenticeship program. A certificate from the SAIT Machinist Technician program demonstrates the core competencies required for success in the Machinist trade.

  • Graduates of the Machinist Technician program have a 100% employment rate.

Student Success

Students with higher grades usually experience more success in SAIT’s programs.


After successfully completing this program, graduates will receive a SAIT certificate as a Machinist Technician.

Graduates are eligible to write the first and second-year Provincial Apprenticeship Board exams for the machinist trade provided they attain a minimum of 65% in all their courses. Apprenticeship exam fees will be required.



Students must attain a PGPA and/or a CGPA of 2.0 or better in each semester and pass the necessary prerequisite courses to progress through the program. To qualify for graduation, students must pass all courses, attain a CGPA of 2.0 or better and complete course requirements within the prescribed timelines.

Admission Requirements

Successful completion of the following courses or equivalents:

  • Math 10C, Math 10-3, Pure Math 10, or Applied Math 10, AND,
  • English Language Arts 10-1 or English Language Arts 10-2, AND,
  • Science 10
  • All applicants must demonstrate English Language Proficiency prior to admission, including students educated in Canada.
  • A pass mark in the SAIT Admission Examination (level 4) or equivalent is accepted in lieu of the above requirements.

Program Outline

Total Credits 28.5

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