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PUBLISHED 2023-2024 Credit Catalog 
PUBLISHED 2023-2024 Credit Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Health Information Management

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Program Description

Personal health information about Canadians is being collected, recorded, reviewed and transmitted every day. Informed decisions affecting health services can only be achieved with the best information available. The role of health information management goes beyond managing health records to managing the information contained in those records.

Using computer skills and knowledge of healthcare fundamentals, critical medical information is translated from patient health records into data following national data standards. The health information management professional then interprets the data to provide comprehensive quality information for patient care, resource allocation, statistics, research, planning and education.

The Health Information Management program provides classroom instruction, laboratory practice with industry-specific software, and clinical practicum placements at established healthcare facilities. With these resources and support, you will be trained to become a competent health information management professional.

Program Overview

Fast Facts

  • Based on the availability of the practicum sites, students may have to re-locate to anywhere in Alberta (and in some circumstances outside of Alberta) in order to complete their practica
  • Students are responsible for any additional expenses related to their practicum, including pre-practicum requirements as outlined by the program, and relocation costs to practicum sites outside of Calgary
  • Students require a personal computer with Internet access in order to complete the required courses

All courses must be completed within the program completion timeframe. Please be advised that for the purpose of student loans, full-time student status requires that learners are enrolled in a minimum of 60% of a full course load per semester.

Your Career

Graduates find work as health information management professionals and are primarily employed in hospitals.

Student Success

Job expectations for success in this profession include:

  • Critical thinking
  • Communication (speaking, reading, writing, and listening)
  • Able to work independently
  • Able to work with others
  • Able to participate in classroom, lab, and practicum activities as scheduled by the program
  • Able to use technology
  • Attention to detail
  • Able to maintain professional behaviour; emotional self-regulation
  • Able to sit for long periods of time (3-4 hours)
  • Ability to type at 30wpm with high accuracy

Prospective students are strongly encouraged to refer to the ALIS website for career, learning, and employment information for Health Information Management Professionals as well as the governing body’s competency profile for the profession, to ensure that they are able to successfully demonstrate the skills required to achieve all the competency-based objectives for the program and profession.


Upon successful completion of this program, graduates will be awarded a SAIT Health Information Management diploma.

Graduates of the Health Information Management program will be eligible to write the national certification exam with the Canadian College of Health Information Management (CCHIM). After successful completion of the national exam, individuals will become certified Health Information Management Professionals (CHIM) recognized by the Canadian Health Information Management Association (CHIMA).


This program is accredited by the Canadian Health Information Management Association (CHIMA), and meets the Learning Outcomes for Health Information Management (LOHIM).


The progression requirement for students taking credit courses is a Term GPA and Total Institutional GPA of 2.0, with the exception of English Language Foundations and Academic Upgrading programs.

Admission Requirements

Completion of the following courses or equivalents:

  • At least 60% in Math 30-1, or Math 30-2, AND,
  • At least 60% in English Language Arts 30-1 or English Language Arts 30-2, AND,
  • At least 60% in Biology 30

All applicants must demonstrate English Language Proficiency prior to admission, including students educated in Canada.

Program Outline

Total Credits 61.5

Program Outcomes

  1. Use effective written, verbal, and non-verbal communications skills in all health information management practice settings.
  2. Demonstrate compassion and respect in all aspects of health information management practice.
  3. Adhere to legal and ethical requirements with personal and professional accountability and responsibility to ensure the protection and safety of practitioners, patients, and the public.
  4. Collaborate effectively within the interdisciplinary team to achieve a high standard of patient-centered care in all aspects of health information management practice.
  5. Use critical thinking skills and an evidence-based approach in all aspects of health information management practice to optimize patient care.
  6. Plan for participation in lifelong learning and continuing education in order to excel in personal and professional practice as a health information management professional.
  7. Create a community of knowledge sharing and professional pride through education and preceptorship of students, peers, and inter-professional team members.
  8. Demonstrate proficient use of technology to promote best practice in health information management.

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